About us


Our corporate strategy is driven by our strategic position of being partners to our clients, and not just contractors. We focus on the goals and objectives of our clients to determine our definition of success and thus leverage relevant resources to attain the expected outcome.

Value creation is core to our offering. Our projects are managed with an utmost  level of professionalism to ensure that end users utility becomes a priority. Our focus is not on contracts but on building relationships with our clients and other stakeholders to ensure value is optimized.

A key tenet of the company is the development of local capacity. With this in mind, we constantly seek international talent, expertise  and collaboration to work with local talents and ensure technology transfer and human capital development.

Obodofei has identified those five core sectors in the oil and gas segment where its strategic advantage can be applied to ensure efficiency, quality delivery, cost effectiveness and professionalism

The  environmental protection policy adopted in Obodofei includes but is not limited to:

  1. Strict adherence to all legal requirements imposed by any country we operate in,
  2. Strong emphasis on the prevention of environmental damage (responsible waste management, conscientious handling of chemicals),
  3. Investment in eco-friendly projects.
  4. Promote, ensure & sustain sound environmental management by building sustainable environmental culture.
  5. Prevention, abatement, control of pollution and enhancement of the environment in Nigeria.
  6. Restricts the discharge of wastes into the environment in contravention of the acceptable conditions
  7. Provide project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length through our experienced certified project managers
  8. Provide project teams with leadership and planning necessary for successful project completion and closure

Environmental Protection Management


Local content means the development of local skills, technology transfer, use of local manpower and local manufacturing. It has become an increasing important issue that could support the federal government to upgrade her manpower capacity, with result that benefit the government, private companies and the Nigeria economy.

  1. Our firm is committed to the following strategies to enhance local content development.
  2. Training and development of our indigenous engineers in our technical partners location.  .
  3. Ensuring that for every foreign expert we bring in there is a Nigerian as his deputy.
  4. Ensuring that all local experts are treated as fairly as their foreign counterpart.
  5. Ensuring the utilization of local raw materials wherever they are available and even at a increased cost to our company.
  6. Encourage knowledge transfer through apprenticeship scheme