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Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant

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Natural Gas-fired Power Plant

Introducing our groundbreaking 80MW natural gas-fired power plant project, a dynamic venture poised to redefine energy sustainability. This innovative initiative leverages cutting-edge technology to generate power efficiently and with minimal environmental impact. By harnessing the clean energy potential of natural gas, our project aims to contribute significantly to the region’s power grid reliability.

At the heart of our endeavor lies a commitment to a greener future. This natural gas-fired power plant not only promises reliable and affordable electricity but also plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions. With state-of-the-art emissions control measures, we prioritize environmental stewardship, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

The positive impact extends beyond energy production; our project stimulates economic growth by creating job opportunities and fostering local development. By investing in cleaner energy alternatives, we’re not just powering homes and businesses — we’re catalyzing progress, setting a new standard for responsible energy solutions. Join us on this transformative journey toward a sustainable and brighter tomorrow.

Modular Petrol Refinery

Introducing our revolutionary 1,000 barrels per day (bpd) modular petrol refinery project, a game-changer in the energy landscape. This cutting-edge facility combines efficiency and adaptability to refine crude oil into high-quality petrol, meeting the growing demand for cleaner fuel sources.

At the core of our initiative is a commitment to sustainability. Our modular refinery employs advanced technologies to ensure not only optimal refining processes but also stringent environmental standards. By focusing on producing cleaner petrol, we contribute to air quality improvement and support a greener, more sustainable future.

Beyond environmental benefits, our project is a catalyst for economic development. Creating jobs and fostering local industries, this modular refinery represents an investment in the community and a commitment to driving progress. We envision a future where energy production aligns seamlessly with environmental responsibility, and our 1,000 bpd modular petrol refinery stands as a beacon of innovation in achieving this vision. Join us on the journey towards cleaner energy solutions and economic prosperity.

Natural Gas Refinery

The objective of Obodofei as an Indigenous Company is to develop a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of a gas processing plant at ogboloma community with a processing capacity of 150MMScf/d as part of phase 1 development with plant configuration of 2 ×75MMSCF/d. Also, Obodofei with custom designs will fabricate and install gas processing plant with its mandate to employ and utilize Nigerian Engineers to design, build and install all the process equipment and develop the site which will facilitate local business growth